This is Beau, just before the start of his first race in 1984. The smaller inset photo, shows Beau's first win. 

Who says racing isn't glamorous? This is Beau's partner, Arden Weatherford, waiting for the next qualifying run at the track. A station wagon, tent and trailer--you don't need anything else when you're a real race car driver.  

This is Beau racing at Mid-Ohio.  

This is the first SRF car--the conversion kit was featured #1. It's first race was at Road Atlanta.  

Many people wonder how Elite got its start. The first "Elite" was an auto detailing facility. The photo on the left shows his first you know why all the Elite cars are pristine at the track.  

In 1991, Beau was sponsored by Jim Beam. Hmmm..race cars and alcohol. Well, at least for Beau, it was a winning combination.

While you need a microscope to see it, this is a photo of Paul Newman in Beau's SR. Tom Cruise, who is standing next to the car, also drove. The event took place at the Grundy County Speedway in Illinois, while Cruise and Newman were filming the Color of Money. It was Tom's first experience in a race car. This may have led to the Days of Thunder movie!