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Photos from the 2000 Season

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The 2000 June Sprints -- look at all the cars!  Below is a view just before Corner 5 at Road America, and we aren't half way through the crowd of Spec Racer Fords.  

Thanks again to the corner workers. Making sure the cars are lined up right and in tact.
Here's some of Elite Autosport's crack staff, checking the engine after a qualifying run. 

This is the start of the first race of the 2000 Firecracker Double Regional. This is the grid viewed from the starter deck. 

And, here's Beau himself, at BlackHawk, timing the drivers during a qualifying session. One of the benefits of partnering with Elite Autosport is that Elite handles timing and at-track service, if needed. 
This is the start of race at BlackHawk. It was the first race in the Firecracker Double Regional. 
This is the start of the second race, at the Firecracker, where Dale Brown earned his first pole. 

Mike Dirienzo's win at the Susie Bonneau Memorial at Road America. 

Fourth Place Finish for SD Racing!

Racing for 24 hours!  SD Racing did it again!  The team of Jim Ferro, Beau Martin, Keith Conroy, and Mike Dirienzo came in 4th for the Spec Racer Fords and 12th overall. The race was held on December 30-31, 2000 at Moroso Motorsports Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Congratulations drivers!! 

Below are photos from both years the team participated in the race, 1998-1999 and 2000-2001. 

When re-fueling, the rules require the driver to be out of the car and person with a fire extinguisher standing by, just in case. 

From 2000-2001

From 2000-2001

Would you let these people drive your race car...all night long?
An unusual sight, a Spec Racer Ford with headlights!

From 1998-1999

From 1998-1999

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