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September 2014 Photos

Kettle Moraine Double Divisional at Road America

bill mcgovern welding

Bill McGovern, welds parts on to a car. Not many CSRs have an experienced welder on staff should the need arise!

bob shineflug

Bob Shineflug, Car 77, is a service assisted driver. While these folks take care of their own cars for the most part, they can rely on the Elite Autosport Team for more unusual work that may need to be done.

beau, elzabeth and lexie

A nice family photo, Beau with sister Elizabeth at left and daughter Lexi on right.  Oh and since we tortured Buck with an old photo of him, below, a photo of Lexi, helping Dad and gang in the shop.

Two birthdays to celebrate, Beau and Peter J.  The webmistress will do them both a favor and not ask how "young" they are!!

peter J and birthday cake

Beau's cake below.

beau's birthday cake

late night at Road America

Ah the glamour of racing ... this is what it really looks like when the Elite Autosport team needs to put in a long night to get the cars ready and working for the morning. Yet another of the many benefits to arrive and drive.

sunday lunch at Road America

Sunday lunch at Road America.  It's rainy outside, but dry and comfortable under tbe big top!'

lexi and bobby

Beau's daughter Lexi with her boyfriend Bobby. You may recognize Bobby as he works at the shop helping take care of your car.

bill in welding helmet

Bill in his welding helmet -- notice the grimace on this face from having his photo taken ....

Practice at the Autobahn

Peter is getting in one last practice before he and Beau and Mark Hutchins heads to Laguna Sega for the Run Offs.

peter j in uniform

final practice

Also at the Autobahn practive, Bob Lojkovic with a car he only runs at the Autobahn. And no the webmistress does not know what it is or she would have told you.

bob lojkovic

He's a closeup of the birthday cake presented to Peter.  Pretty awesome!



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