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October 2014 Photos


If you have not raced before, being on the track is very exciting and lots of work. The time between those times however, can be a bit dull. Following are things folks do to fill time.

paul jankovskis

Paul Jankovskis entertaining himself. Kids, don't try this at home.

paul with yoyo

Paul, now with a yo-yo.

trey coon

Trey Coon cleaning his helmet.

Pete Luongo and Berdie Martin chatting.  Lots of talking and strategizing goes on between sessions.

Yep, more strategizing.

Gary, friend of the Elite team, cooking lunch ... a rare treat between sessions.

A large gang, eating said lunch.

How was it?  Beau liked it.

Now things are getting more serious, the crew is getting the cars ready to go out. Play time is over, track time is near.

After each session, the drivers get their times and report to Elite staff about what the car felt like and how it was handling on the track, should adjustments need to be made.

doug loughead

Doug Loughead with his plaque for third place.

Fall Sprints Double Divisional at BHF

doug loughead

Not that you can see him all that well, but this Doug Loughead. Car 34.  He's been driving with Beau for several years, but this was his first time out this season.

mark greb 00

Mark Greb, Car 00, getting ready for qualifying session on Saturday.

jeff p and peter

Jeff Perkins, Car 01, on left talking to Peter Jankovskis. Most folks were doing their best to stay warm over the weekend.

mark f and owen coon

Mark Fogarty (left) and Owen (Trey) Coon waiting to run.


On the grid ... getting some last minute belt adjustments from Bill McGovern.


sara, elizabeth and lexi 

Sara, Elizabeth and Lexi.  (Sara and Lexi are Elizabeth's nieces.)


Martin clan: Berdie, Sara, Elizabeth, Lexi and Beau.

tom and mike d 

Tom and Mike D. Waiting for the next session.  

happy campers

Elite's racing fans are loyal ... Berdie Martin, Pete Luongo, long time Martin family friend & racing photographer, and Vito Jankovskis.

piper and bobby

Piper and Bobby, two of the Elite crew members.


Piper, aka Pepper, got tired of photos pretty quickly.

beau, mike and jim

Beau, Mike D and Jim Ferro in the background getting ready. Do you think he's coming to take away the camera?

full with bill

Fun with Bill on grid ... Note, none of the male drivers express their gratitude in this fashion.

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