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July/August 2014 Photos

Autobahn Practice Weekend

Autobahn Country Club is an auto racing themed country club located in Joliet, Illinois. The facility includes a configurable main track with a 1.50-mile north track, a 2.06-mile south track, a full track of 3.56 miles, skid pad, and a 0.8-mile kart track. Peter Jankovskis was our host as some Elite team members practiced their form and also the Generation 3 Spec Racer.  Testing this car at different tracks and under race conditions is the only way to learn about the car and the Elite Team is doing a lot of learning. It was also a very chill day as fathers and sons got together to do some racing, Steve Greenhill, Car 19 and his son Kyle, who eventually drove Car 22, and Beau and Buck Martin, who eventually drove the Car 02. (Aunt Elizabeth Martin, Car 03, still beat Buck, though.)

steven greehill and kyle greenhill

Kyle is in Steve's 19 car and Steve is in the 22 car. (Old spec racers will recognize this car as beloing to Becky Bach back in day.  Still looks good)

steve greenhill

Some families go fishing or fly kites and some families go racing. From left to right; Steve Greenhill (Car 19) and son Kyle, Buck Martin, Car 01 (for now) and Beau Martin.


martin team

Team Martin: Beau, Car 8, Buck, Car 01, Elizabeth Car, 03, and Bill, top crew chief. And for this bunch, you know he's working hard.


Beau with pad

If you race with Beau, you know that after every practice and qualifying, he will ask you about the car with his trusty yellow pad in tow.  He's used for it for years and since it produces winners, it shows you can't always rely on technlogy to win. Often the art of listening is more important than gadgets.

ready to race

Dave Tagte, Car 02, Bob Lojkovic, Car 65 and Steve Greenhill, Car 19, lined up in the paddock and ready to leave for the race.


Peter Jankovslos Autobhan host

Peter Jankovskis, Car 6, in an unnatural state ... he's not in a race car. Peter was the gracious host for the weekend at the Autobahn.


burdette martin 85 

The Elite Autosport Team is a family and here's one of its key members, Burdette Martin, Beau's dad.  He was involved in sportscar racing and in 2004, retired as the president of the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States (ACCUS) which governs U.S. racing as part of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).  While that's really impressive, he's also one of the nicest people you will ever mee



Steven Greenhill with his son and daughter.  The son already has the racing bug, she's next!!

chef gary in a car

Elizabeth Martin's boyfriend Gary played chef on Sunday and was rewarded with a track drive, courtesy of Steve Greenhill.

chef gary

Chef Gary. Nice hat and nice legs!

gneration 3 spc racer

Peter Jankovskis, who normally drives the 6 car, got to take the Generation 3 car out for a spin. Top technician and crew chief Bill looks over the data from the run.

buck in driver suit

Buck in his driver suit, getting ready to drive.

buck in spec racer

Buck in the spec racer ... Beau providing advice and telling him not to wreck the car.

crowd gathers

A crowd gathered to watch Kyle Greenhill and Buck Martin the SRFs. Gary, the chef, Keith Conroy, who still drives Car 35 once and while and Steve.  Does Steve show some concern as Kyle drives his SRF?  No, probably not.

elite team heads out

The Elite Team heads out after another successful weekend.

Here are two photos showing Beau in the Generation 3 car at corner 5 at Blackhawk and Elizabeth Martin, Car 03, in the same turn.

beau Car 86


elizabeth in car

Circus CAT Nationals

beau and mark hutchins

Beau in a discussion with driver Mark Hutchins (Car 95).

bill mark and hutch

After each session, Bill McGovern, Elite Crew Member, will download your files so you can see where you kicked butt and areas where you may need to improve. Mark Hutchins and Mike Dirienzo, another Elite Crew Member, talk about it.

fred sasser Car 72

Fred Sasser (Car 72) looks over this results. The sport today offers so much information for drivers to help them improve.

elite hospitality area

During lunch, the drivers and crew members get to kick back and tell ... racing stories, what else? The gentleman in the plaid shirt is Beau's dad, Burdette Martin.  you can find him on Wikipedia or learn more here.

mark and dave

Close up at the hospitality are with Dave Tatge (left) and Mike Dirienzo (right).

tom udee

Elite Autosport has many crew members that have been with Beau for years (we will not say how many.)  I will say that you are getting some of the best in the business.  Here's a photo of Tom Udee, preparing a car.

crew member

This is one of Elite's crack crew loading up the umbrellas to keep the drivers cool on the grid.

bill mcgovern

This is Bill McGovern, another Elite Crew member and caught in a very rare moment because he is smiling.  Bill is very intense at the track, but that is because he is totally focused on help Elite team members win races.

to grid

Mike Dirienzo, a former Madison fire fighter, race car driver and Elite Crew Member for many years. Mike's driving experience helps novices and veterans alike.

mark fogarty

Mark Forgarty, Car 16, getting ready to race.

fred sasser

Fred Sasser, Car 72, also getting ready to race.

peter jankovskis

Peter Jankovskis, Car 6, game face on and ready to roll.

steven Greenill

Steven Greenhill, Car 19, also ready to go.

families heading out

Family members of the race car drivers heading to favorite corners to watch the race at Road America. (And at Road America, it helps if you have a golf cart, it's a big track.)

after qualifying

After every qualifying and race, the best part (almost) talking it over in the paddock.


Firecracker Double

beau, buck and liz

I had to post this photo for drivers who used to race with Beau back when Buck was a young pup.
I know I feel old.

hospitaltiy suite

Beau hosted a hospitality sutie, when driver could get some shade and converse and races and qualifying.

elite autosport crew

Here is a photo of your very hardworking Elite Autosport crew! Just kidding .... these guys really hustle when it counts and there is no one better at setting up a car .... just ask the Elite team winners!







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