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Biographies of Our Drivers

Meet Daryl Adams, David Riese, Dale Brown and Larry Fuerst

Daryl Adams

Daryl Adams is an architect/partner with Chipman Adams Architects. He's a rookie who has been waiting 30 years to drive a race car. Having decided it was "now or never," Daryl took the 3 day Skip Barber race school and 2 day advanced school in April of 2003, then he paid a visit to Beau's shop in May. He drove an SRF for the first time at a June 6th test day at Blackhawk Farms. He loved it and purchased the No. 15 red and gold SRF car the following week. Daryl drove in his  first races at the Blackhawk Double Firecracker Regional on July 5th and 6th. 

He races for the exhilaration, competition, camaraderie... and "It's the only thing I've ever done that can completely clear my mind of all other thoughts."

His best racing memory is attending his first F1 race at Montjuich Park in Barcelona in 1970 as a college student. I stood right behind the Armco ( you could do that then) at the end of the long, downhill straight and watched Jackie Stewart flying straight at me at full chat. I thought, "There's no way he can slow enough to make this corner!" He did, of course, and I spent an hour watching him tick within an inch of the same spot, lap after lap. I was hooked.

His wife's name is Martha and he has two children, Stacey who is 31 and Michael who is 28.  He's always been interested in old Italian exotic cars, and is active in the Ferrari and DeTomaso clubs. 

Daryl owns  two old "driver" Ferraris and a goofy but pretty car called a DeTomaso Mangusta. This is a photo of a DeTomaso Mangusta the webmistress found to give you an idea of what the car looked like! 


David Riese

David C. Riese is a retired physician who lives in Monroe, WI.

For David, racing is truly a family affair. Both of his sons, David and Brian, have racing licenses, and share the family’s #4 SRF, which is prepared by Elite. Dave’s wife Sharon and daughter Laurie are also part of the team and are familiar faces around the Elite paddock. 

David began racing at the age of 50 when Sharon gave him a course in one of the SCCA sponsored schools. His favorite racing memory is surviving his first June Sprints, undamaged.

David also enjoys collecting American Flyer trains and model railroading, antique furniture, preservation and restoration of historic buildings and studying the Civil War.

Dale Brown

Dale Brown is President of Brown & Martin, Inc., a marketing and public relations firm. Dale is also a nationally acclaimed ventriloquist who uses his puppet characters to deliver humorous and inspirational messages to corporate audiences across the country.

Dale’s racing career began at the age of 48, when he enrolled in a Skip Barber racing school. He also attended an SCCA school at Brainard Race Track, driving a friend’s Formula Continental. A year later he purchased a Spec Racer through Elite Autosport. Dale attributes Elite’s "arrive and drive" services as the primary reason he decided to purchase a car and begin a racing career.

"When I started, I knew almost nothing about racing. The staff of Elite have helped me to learn and to improve. I tell my friends that even though I’m getting older, I’m not getting slower ... I’m actually getting faster. Equally important, many of the other drivers who race through Elite have become great friends. There’s a team atmosphere that makes the whole experience more enjoyable."  Visit Dale's web site at www.dale-brown.com

Larry Fuerst

Larry Fuerst is a United Airlines pilot from Fennville, MI, who wanted to race ever since his dad took him to the Indy 500. He began racing Go Carts in l963. 

After five years of cart racing, Larry moved into stock cars, where he remained from 1968 to 1974.In 1992, he competed in Formula Fords, and in 1997 he raced a Sprint Car. He got involved in SRFs in 1999 and can usually be seen in Elite’s red, 01, car.

When he’s not racing Larry and his wife Priscilla enjoy snow skiing and show shoeing, back-packing, gardening and running a bed & breakfast.

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